Interview with Stacey Roberts-Brewster Rollback Election- Voter ID Filing

In this 2nd hour episode I interview a great Watchdog in SW Texas (Brewster County) as she discusses the eclectic collection of taxpayers who signed a petition to force a rollback election for the Brewster County Commissioners Court. The I break down the filing by Texas Attorney General’s office regarding the ridiculous “opinion” by a federal judge in Corpus Christi. The mainstream media is not telling you the whole story…surprise…

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Captain Watchdog

Jason Moore Jason Moore (aka Captain Watchdog) is a Husband, father of 5 kids and a small business owner. He doesn't ask taxpayers to fund ANY of his business ventures. He is the host of Watchdog Radio which can be heard 5-7 PM on AM1070/FM107.1 in the Midland/Odessa Texas market or live streamed on the internet at He often reminds his kids "you can't save a nation if you can't clean your room"!

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