Josh Crawford…True Conservative…has my ENDORSEMENT!

Yes, I know it has been a while since I’ve posted on this website or any of my social media accounts. As most of you know I had a kidney transplant on July 9, 2015. I have been in & out of the hospital several times since then, sometimes for a week at a time. But in that time I decided I would take a break from all of the arguing and “oneupmanship”  that is ever present on social media. Next I turned off talk radio and FOX News and just decided to take some time and spend more of it my wife & kids. It has been awesome!

But then there comes a time to temporarily step out of my self-induced political hiatus for something that is very important to the State of Texas and her Taxpayers. I sent this letter to my friend Joshua Crawford earlier today:

Usually these letters start out with phrases such as “after much prayer & contemplation…” and while prayer is always at the forefront of our days, my wife Audra & I do not need deep contemplation to know that Joshua Crawford is the man to represent House District 81 in the Texas Legislature!

As a taxpayer advocate & citizen watchdog for over a decade (as well as precinct chair, SREC member and general activist for almost 30 years) I can assure you I have prayed for a day when a true conservative representative would emerge & be willing to fight on behalf of the taxpayer and Joshua Crawford is that emerging leader.

Sadly, two years ago a new State Representative was elected to this seat on a personal promise to me to be a warrior on behalf of the “average Joe” taxpayer. Anyone can simply peruse the bills he authored to see that his promises & rhetoric did not match his actions. That is the single most important trait of someone who wants to REPRESENT YOU in any governmental office; the ability for what he says to match with what he does! With ever increasing taxes and a slowing economy we have a recipe for taxpayers to carry a tax burden that would make Californians blush!

I’ve personally known Joshua Crawford for over a decade and I know how important his character and integrity are to everything he does. Whether it is in the course of his growing & successful technology business or his political involvement Joshua knows his ability to have his words be trusted and then followed by meaningful action has been the secret to his success.

In then end, everyone who has followed my involvement in local, state & federal issues that affect you, the taxpayer, know that I seek to endorse those that I believe will accomplish the most for those who carry the butexasrden to pay for all of the “great ideas” that politicians always claim will be of “great benefit”. Sadly it usually turns out to either be an endless money pit of failure or simply a cash cow to the government entity they represent and not you the taxpayer.

So to you, the District 81 Taxpayer, I ask you to support Joshua Crawford for your own relief from confiscatory taxation! Whether it is education, oil & gas, small business or simply stay at home parent issues Joshua Crawford’s character & integrity dictate that you deserve better answers to these problems than just the standard “let’s throw buckets of money at the problem” solutions!Support Joshua because at the current rate of escalation of all levels of government your kids & grandkids will not be able to keep pace with the burden foisted on them by politicians. Joshua Crawford is absolutely committed to protecting you & your posterity from the “taxed to prosperity” snake oil that most politicians sell.

As a final note, today YCT one of the most trusted conservative websites released their “report card” on how your legislators fared in this last legislative session. Sadly first year Representative Brooks Landgraf only scored a 74!

“CaptainWatchdog” Jason Moore

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Captain Watchdog

Jason Moore Jason Moore (aka Captain Watchdog) is a Husband, father of 5 kids and a small business owner. He doesn't ask taxpayers to fund ANY of his business ventures. He is the host of Watchdog Radio which can be heard 5-7 PM on AM1070/FM107.1 in the Midland/Odessa Texas market or live streamed on the internet at He often reminds his kids "you can't save a nation if you can't clean your room"!

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