“Greece”ing the skids into obscurity

Like a lot of people I have been watching the news coverage on the insanity going on in Greece. Amazingly, most Americans find the story of Greece’s financial collapse merely an interesting 60 seconds on the nightly news cast. They might even ask the question “How does this impact my retirement plan?” I seriously doubt many are asking how does this affect my kids & grandkids.

However, I have seen a few social media posts that allude to “this could be America in a few years”. Without serious reformation of local, state & federal government as well as recapturing our education system and how we teach about government & economics, it will absolutely be the story of America in a few years! The debt comparison  is a simplistic, shallow analysis of the true problem. In fact I would say that the debt issue is merely the system of the real problem.

The problems in Greece are a foreshadowing of the human condition that Americans cannot escape. Greece descended into debt to pay for increasing social programs, government corruption and citizen corruption. In other words EVERYONE is on the take! Everyone wants a piece of the action never seeming to realize that someone has to repay all of this.

When Greece’s creditors forced the people of Greece to a vote of  austerity measures they overwhelmingly voted NO to cutting any government spending! Greece’s government refuses to reign in itself or its trough feeding citizens to suffer any consequences for their extreme overspending. Is it really that shocking that when humanity is conditioned to believe that they are entitled to other people’s stuff and that others can be forced to pay for the wants of others that they will NEVER willingly vote to quit taking handouts? When politicians learn they can remain in office for life by bribery, corruption & government coercion is it any wonder that they themselves will also never vote to reduce their ill gotten power?

America has crossed this threshold already. One only needs to look at the growing “entitlement” community, growing lawlessness defended by politicians and the bribery of the voters by politicians for more of the same and you have the exact same ingredients for a catastrophic collapse of a once mighty nation. Look at #CommonCore material from 2nd grade and you will see how we are conditioning kids from an early age to see government as a vending machine for all of our wants, needs & desires. They peddle government as a “service provider” like you would shop for cable or internet. Local politicians constantly want to hold community meetings to get input about what goodies the citizens would like to see added to their city/county to enhance their “quality of life”. They never ask the question in a way that makes the citizen count the costs for such enhancements. For instance, could you ever imagine a mayor asking citizens these questions: “if we were to raise your property taxes by 5% what quality of life enhancement would like to add to our “services” (like a water park)? “Now don’t forget citizens if we add that new water park we will have to raise your property taxes X% each year to keep up with the expenses of maintaining this new water park!”.

No, these things are NEVER posed in this way because politicians want as many citizens addicted to government spending as possible because that is the source of their power. Taxpayers telling themselves no first, as well as the politicians, is the Kryptonite to power hungry politicians.

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Jason Moore Jason Moore (aka Captain Watchdog) is a Husband, father of 5 kids and a small business owner. He doesn't ask taxpayers to fund ANY of his business ventures. He is the host of Watchdog Radio which can be heard 5-7 PM on AM1070/FM107.1 in the Midland/Odessa Texas market or live streamed on the internet at www.kwel.com. He often reminds his kids "you can't save a nation if you can't clean your room"!

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