College robs knowledge

<a href=””>This article</a> in the Daily Beast is the prototypical example of how so many “educated” people are hostile to knowledge outside of academia. If you don’t have an alphabet soup after your name you’re not worthy to stand in their shadow. If you will notice in this article they call the Texas (anti) Freedom Network a “non-partisan watchdog group”, which is the same as calling me a non-partisan watchdog group! Yet, the author of the article reveals that he was “commissioned” (i.e. Paid) to study the biases of proposed Texas textbooks, so of course he would want to classify TFN as non partisan.

Read any of the public pronouncements of TFN and you will find not only are they NOT non partisan they are very hostile to any views not in alignment with theirs. While conservatives have been consistent with teaching both sides of the “origins of life” theories, TFN demands ONLY Darwinism (i.e. Monkey worshipping) be taught. Conservatives want the dissenters of Gullible Warming included in any discussion in science textbooks, TFN still believes in the debunked “97% of ALL scientist agree in man made <del>global warming</del>, <del>climate change</del>weather…” Do you really want people who continue to promote a blatantly false and debunked statistic to be in charge of actual science in textbooks? Again, in their claim to be non-partisan they continually promote the Freedom FROM Religion groups; hardly non-partisan.

Another favorite tactic of this group is the selective editing of Founding Father quotes to make you believe that by and large the Founders were hostile to any kind of religion and that they feared the use of the Bible or any biblical references.

<blockquote>“It is not pretended,” Madison wrote in April 1787, that professed religion could provide a “sufficient restraint” on individuals bent on doing wrong. He knew as well that “kindled into enthusiasm … by the sympathy of a multitude,” or even in “its coolest state,” religion can just as readily become “a motive to oppression as … a restraint from injustice.” </blockquote>
The author wants you to believe hat the founders saw religion as an oppressive force that was to be protected against. Yet if you read the origins of this particular quote it is the context of three different considerations that MIGHT restrain the majority from abusing the minority. Yet you and I could find multitudes of quotes from numerous Founders as to the positive benefits of religion. Not to mention the first congress commissioning the printing of a BIBLE!
Further this article speaks sneeringly of “American Exceptionalism” which is required to be taught in Texas schools. These PhD’s are so smart that they are ignorant of the “other side” of history. They are the Howard Zinn soldiers of mis-history. Conservatives have no desire to ignore the ugly stains of American History. However, we do have the ability to see that we, unlike any other country, has the ability to make major course corrections for the betterment of society. Liberals like TFN and this author in the Daily Beast article seem to hate America so much they will spare no expense in making sure your kids and grandkids hate America (through their textbooks) too.
Apparently the only people allowed to know & understand history are those who attended college.

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