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by Peter Schweizer
Argues that politicians in Congress are extorting money from corporations and the people and then use it to buy each other's votes.
Sam Houston
by James L. Haley
A biography of the towering Texan politician, revolutionary, and military leader paints a portrait of Sam Houston as a man with big appetites and bigger ambitions.

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Rules for Radicals Defeated
by Jeff Hedgpeth
Rules for Radicals is the playbook for the Left. If you want to understand how the Obama Administration operates you need this book. You will also learn twenty principles to defeat the Alinsky tactics without compromising your morality. Learn how ...
Negroes with Guns
by Robert Franklin Williams
No description available

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Tea Party Talk
by Senator H L Richardson
Ever found yourself with your back against a wall, trying to disengage yourself from a one-sided debate with one of your liberal acquaintances? How many times have you been irrefutably right on a matter and yet unable to convince the other person ...
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