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  • Yes, I know it has been a while since I’ve posted on this website or any of my social media accounts. As most of you know I had a kidney transplant on July 9, 2015. I have been in & out of the hospital several […]

  • Like a lot of people I have been watching the news coverage on the insanity going on in Greece. Amazingly, most Americans find the story of Greece’s financial collapse merely an interesting 60 seconds on the […]

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    by John Reynolds,

    The Texas Tribune
    Feb. 25, 2015 

    The Big Conversation
    Texans in this month’s University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll made clear that the property tax is their least favorite tax. The […]

  • Here we are, yet again. Another Texas legislative session bearing down on us and another debate about Speaker of the House. Strangely, this one feels different to me. Not necessarily because anything is different […]

  • ThumbnailLoved this take by Charles Barkley on the situation in Ferguson…which has me pondering several things. First, all of this talk by Ferguson police about how they will be self evaluating and the Obama […]

  • The Texas State Board of Education voted 10 to 5 today to adopt a list of much-improved Social Studies textbooks (*i.e., instructional materials).  All five Democrats voted against adopting the list.

    As stated […]

  • ThumbnailI just came across this newest story from Gallup regarding Americans attitudes about “gun control”. In the story was this interesting paragraph:

    Ten years ago, three in five Americans (60%) said they favored […]

  • <a href=””>This article</a> in the Daily Beast is the prototypical example of how so many “educated” people are hostile to knowledge outside of academia. If you don’t have an alphabet soup after your name you’re not worthy to stand in their shadow. If you will notice in this article they call the Texas (anti) Freedom Network a “non-partisan watchdog group”, which is the same as calling me a non-partisan watchdog group! Yet, the author of the article reveals that he was “commissioned” (i.e. Paid) to study the biases of proposed Texas textbooks, so of course he would want to classify TFN as non partisan.

    Read any of the public pronouncements of TFN and you will find not only are they NOT non partisan they are very hostile to any views not in alignment with theirs. While conservatives have been consistent with teaching both sides of the “origins of life” theories, TFN demands ONLY Darwinism (i.e. Monkey worshipping) be taught. Conservatives want the dissenters of Gullible Warming included in any discussion in science textbooks, TFN still believes in the debunked “97% of ALL scientist agree in man made <del>global warming</del>, <del>climate change</del>weather…” Do you really want people who continue to promote a blatantly false and debunked statistic to be in charge of actual science in textbooks? Again, in their claim to be non-partisan they continually promote the Freedom FROM Religion groups; hardly non-partisan.

    Another favorite tactic of this group is the selective editing of Founding Father quotes to make you believe that by and large the Founders were hostile to any kind of religion and that they feared the use of the Bible or any biblical references.

    <blockquote>“It is not pretended,” Madison wrote in April 1787, that professed religion could provide a “sufficient restraint” on individuals bent on doing wrong. He knew as well that “kindled into enthusiasm … by the sympathy of a multitude,” or even in “its coolest state,” religion can just as readily become “a motive to oppression as … a restraint from injustice.” </blockquote>
    The author wants you to believe hat the founders saw religion as an oppressive force that was to be protected against. Yet if you read the origins of this particular quote it is the context of three different considerations that MIGHT restrain the majority from abusing the minority. Yet you and I could find multitudes of quotes from numerous Founders as to the positive benefits of religion. Not to mention the first congress commissioning the printing of a BIBLE!
    Further this article speaks sneeringly of “American Exceptionalism” which is required to be taught in Texas schools. These PhD’s are so smart that they are ignorant of the “other side” of history. They are the Howard Zinn soldiers of mis-history. Conservatives have no desire to ignore the ugly stains of American History. However, we do have the ability to see that we, unlike any other country, has the ability to make major course corrections for the betterment of society. Liberals like TFN and this author in the Daily Beast article seem to hate America so much they will spare no expense in making sure your kids and grandkids hate America (through their textbooks) too.
    Apparently the only people allowed to know & understand history are those who attended college.

  • Thanks to CBS7 for covering this important local story!

  • I attended the trial of Michael Keoughan yesterday in Andrews, Texas and wanted to pass along what I observed. This is the first trial of this type to actually go to court. Seventeen similar charges pressed against other individuals across the state, have been dropped.
    Let me give some background on the case.  Michael Keoughan is part of the Open Carry movement in Texas.  For those of you not familiar with this, it is an organization across the state that participates in the public display of weapons that are legal to display/carry openly, among those weapons being shotguns and pre-1899 black powder pistols.  Their purpose is to educate others about the laws of our state in regards to the open carry of weapons. The week before, the defendant and another man had met with the sheriff and police chief about the group having a parade in Andrews.  They had filled out the necessary paperwork which includes mapping out the route on paper.  On the day in question, Michael had gone to Andrews to make sure that the route had areas along the way in which participants that were elderly or for those who had baby strollers to turn around, stop or whatever–to accomodate them.  One this day we was openly carrying a shotgun across his back and a holstered pre-1899 black powder pistol.
    Out of the hundreds of cars that passed Mr. Keoughan, only 6 called 911 and reported him and they all said the same exact thing in a calm manner: There is a man walking down the street carrying a gun on his back.  Because Mr. Keoughan was doing nothing illegal, the officers had to grasp at straws in trying to find something to charge him with and they settled on the following:
    Texas Penal Code 42.01 (a)(8)
    “DISORDERLY CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly…(8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm.”  Their whole case was based on trying to prove that Michael carried a weapon in a public place in a manner that was CALCULATED to alarm others.
    To put it simply, the state had to prove that Mr. Keoughan, got up that day, strapped on his weapon, and thought, “I’m going to Andrews to scare people” on purpose.
    From the beginning it was evident that the DA had a very weak case against the defendant and as the trial proceeded, it became more and more apparent. Law enforcement was very illiterate, for lack of a better term, about the Texas Penal Code in reference to asking for identification and about the disorderly conduct statute. The State tried to base their case on citizen’s reactions, his clothing, where he came from, where he was walking (within two blocks of a school) and other circumstances to say that this constituted a calculated manner to cause alarm while carrying a firearm. If the jury would have found him guilty, I would have completely lost all hope in humanity as the lack of evidence was so glaring that a child could have made the right decision.
    In regards to the identification law in Texas, everyone needs to be aware of what this law says.
    Texas Penal Code 38.02.
    FAILURE TO IDENTIFY.  (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information.        (b)  A person commits an offense if he intentionally gives a false or fictitious name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has:               (1)  lawfully arrested the person;                                                           (2)  lawfully detained the person;  or                                                       (3)  requested the information from a person that the peace officer has good cause to believe is a witness to a criminal offense.
    If I’m not mistaken, this law is what keeps us from having unconstitutional checkpoints.  Just wanted to make you all aware of this if you weren’t already.
    The thing about the day that needs to be the biggest eye opener for all of us is this.  It took 4 hours to pick 6 people out of a pool of about 50-60 people.  From observers in the room, the biggest hurdle that they had in picking people was trying to find ones who actually believed in the 2nd amendment.  Yes, that is right.  In the west Texas town of Andrews, Texas, they had a hard time finding people who believed in the one of the most basic of our freedoms.  This tells me that I need to work harder at educating my children, my family and all that I come into contact with about how important the 2nd amendment is and why it is needed.  Let this spur all of us on to making this a priority.

  • From Donna Garner 

    Texas State Board of Education member Ken Mercer submitted the following AP U. S. History (APUSH) Resolution to the Texas Education Agency for the Sept. 16-19, 2014, Texas State Board of Education meeting. 


    If you support this Resolution, please send an e-mail to each of the elected members of the SBOE asking them to vote for the Resolution. Their common SBOE e-mail address: 

    To send your e-mail to specific SBOE members, please put the person’s name in the TO: line. Here is a link to each of the SBOE members, their bios, and contact information:


    It is not necessary for you to be a Texan to show your support for the Resolution since the new and objectionable APUSH course is being forced by the College Board into schools throughout this nation.  


    Texas has 10% of the College Board AP market.  If we can stop the new APUSH in Texas, the College Board might feel pressured through their pocketbooks to respond to people’s valid concerns over the leftist ideology found in the new APUSH course.  


    For more information about the new APUSH course, please go to the resources listed at the bottom of this page.


    Proposed Resolution – September 2014 Meeting

    Texas State Board of Education

    Regarding:  College Board’s new 2014 Framework –

    Advanced Placement United States History


    WHEREAS, the purpose of College and Career Readiness Standards(CCRS) and advanced high school courses is to prepare students to understand a variety of views and opinions from across the political spectrum, and to be able to discuss and debate those ideas free from bias and outside influence; and


    WHEREAS, the systematic or deliberate discouragement of certain points of view within the scope of any curriculum framework undermines the basic tenets of our society and education system; and,


    WHEREAS, the Texas Education Code (TEC) Section 28.002(h) states:


    The State Board of Education and each school district shall foster the continuation of the tradition of teaching United States and Texas history and the free enterprise system in regular subject matter and in reading courses and in the adoption of textbooks.


    A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who understand the importance of patriotism and can function productively in a free enterprise society with appreciation for the basic democratic values of our state and national heritage;




    WHEREAS, almost 500,000 U. S. students, approximately 46,000 of whom are from Texas, take the College Board’s Advanced Placement U. S. History (APUSH) course each year; and

    WHEREAS, the APUSH course may be the final U.S. History class for what many believe are the brightest and best of our high school students; and,

    WHEREAS, the APUSH course has traditionally been designed to present a balanced view of American history and to prepare students for college-level history courses; and

    WHEREAS, the College Board, a private, non-elected organization unaccountable to the public has recently released a new 98-page Framework that mandates a highly politicized approach to teaching the APUSH course; and

    WHEREAS, the new APUSH Framework reflects a radically revisionist view of American history that is critical of American exceptionalism and emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history while omitting or minimizing positive aspects; and

    WHEREAS, the anti-American, revisionist history of Howard Zinn and his textbook “The People’s Guide to U.S. History” is a recommended textbook in each of the four syllabi originally presented at the Summer 2014 training of APUSH educators; and

    WHEREAS, the APUSH Framework includes little or no discussion of the Founding Fathers, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the religious influences on our nation’s history, and many other critical topics that have always been part of the APUSH course; and

    WHEREAS, the Framework excludes discussion of the U. S. military (no battles, commanders, or heroes) and omits many significant individuals and events that greatly shaped our nation’s history (for example, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Dr. Martin Luther King, Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo Code Talkers, the Battle of Gettysburg, the Holocaust, D-Day, liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, and the election of our first African-American President); and

    WHEREAS, the Framework presents a clearly biased and inaccurate view of many important events in American history, including the motivations and actions of 17th- through 19th-century settlers, American involvement in World War II, the free-enterprise economic explosion in the 1940s through 1960s, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the development of Cold War tensions and ultimate fall of the Iron Curtain, and the successful landing of a man on the moon; and

    WHEREAS, the Framework describes its detailed outline as the “required knowledge” for APUSH students, and admits that the APUSH examination will not test information outside this “required knowledge”; and

    WHEREAS, because the Framework differs radically from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)  so that APUSH teachers will have to ignore the TEKS standards to prepare students for the AP examination; and

    WHEREAS, the released APUSH sample examination questions continue, via behavioral testing techniques, to promote a negative, anti-American bias toward U.S. History; therefore be it

    RESOLVED, the elected Texas State Board of Education strongly admonishes the College Board for failing to listen to the numerous complaints of parents, educators and concerned citizens; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, the Texas State Board of Education recommends that a committee be convened to draft an APUSH Framework that is consistent both with the APUSH course’s traditional mission and with the shared purpose of the CCRS, the TEKS and the Texas Education Code, and with the desires of Texas parents and other citizens for students to learn the true history of their country; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, the Texas State Board of Education requests that Members of the Texas Legislature and the U. S. Congress investigate this matter; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Texas State Board of Education requests that the College Board rewrite the APUSH course and examination in a transparent manner to accurately reflect U. S. history without a political bias and to respect the sovereignty of Texas over its education curriculum; and be it

    FINALLY RESOLVED, that upon approval of this resolution the Texas State Board of Education shall promptly deliver a copy of this resolution to every Member of the Texas State Legislature and to every Texas Member of the United States Congress.


    Respectfully submitted by:

    Ken Mercer

    Member: Texas State Board of Education, District 5




    Ken Mercer

    Member: Texas State Board of Education

    Former Member: Texas State House 




    8.22.14 – Short Video Clip – College Board Under Fire for New AP U. S. History Framework – by James Rosen — —


    9.3.14 – “Why Does the College Board Hate George Washington and MLK?” – by Larry Krieger — Heartland


    9.2.14 – “Imperiling the Republic: The Fate of U. S. History Instruction Under Common Core” – by  — Ketcham, Stotsky, Lewis – Pioneer Institute —


    9.2.14 – “U. S. History Instruction Damaged by Common Core Literacy Standards” — Truth in American Education


    9.2.14 – “Madison Scholar Condemns AP U. S. History Redesign” – by Stanley Kurtz — National Review —



    8.30.14 – “The Left’s Attempt To Institutionalize the Rewriting of U. S. History” – by Ron Radosh – PJ Media —


    8.25.14 – “Common Core Architect’s History ‘Deeply Biased’ Against U. S. – by Leo Hohmann — Mobile World Net Daily



    8.25.14 – “How the College Board Politicized U.S. History” – by Stanley Kurtz – National Review



    8.22.14 – “Pushing American History As a Long Tale of Oppression” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. of Scholars —



    8.19.14 – “29 Biased Statements in the AP U. S. History Redesign” – by Larry Krieger —



    8.15.14 — “Why Won’t the College Board Reveal its AP U.S. History Authors?” — by Larry Krieger and Jane Robbins —



    8.13.14 — PODCAST – Alice Linahan Conference Call – Discussion of the new AP U. S. History Course (including the Framework and the new AP U. S. History test itself) and dual credit courses —


    8.9.14 – “Ken Mercer: The Texas Voice in the Uphill Battle To Push APUSH Back” – by Merrill Hope — Breitbart Texas



    8.9.14 — “Child Abuse – Destroying Children’s Love for America” – Donna Garner —



    8.7.14 – “New AP U. S. History:  Greatest Americans missing from proposed curriculum” – by Rhett Miller — FoxNews.com



    8.6.14 — “Anti-American AP U. S. History Course & Links to APUSH Documents” –by Donna Garner —



    8.1.14 — “Chock-Full of Info – Saving America’s Youth” — by Donna Garner —


    7.13.14 – “The New AP U. S. History Exam – Deal or No Deal?” – by Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger – Breitbart


    7.10.14 – “Update on AP U. S. History” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. Of Scholars



    7.7.14 – “Look What the College Board Has Done to U. S. History” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso of Scholars —



    7.1.14 – “The New AP History: A Preliminary Report” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. of Scholars



    Here is what USED to be in the 5-page APUSH – Course Description – Effective Fall 2010 — Please go to pp. 7 – 12 to see the Themes in AP U. S. History.


    Here is the link to the new 98-page, anti-American, 2014 APUSH – Course and Exam Description Including Curriculum Framework – Effective Fall 2014:

    Please view The Concept Outline in the new 2014 APUSH on pp. 28 – 37:

    Here are the Related Articles in the 2014 APUSH Course Content:

    Race and Citizenship
    C. Vann Woodward’s The Strange Career of Jim Crow
    The Origins of American Slavery
    Why Tea? The Global Story of the American Revolution
    Crossing National Borders: Locating the United States in Migration History
    America, the Atlantic, and Global Consumer Demand, 1500-1800
    Teaching the Introductory Survey: Insights from the College Board’s AP Survey
    What Is Gender History?
    Cold War and Global  Hegemony, 1945-1991
    Rethinking American History in a Global Context
    From Rosie the Riveter to the Global Assembly Line
    The Declaration of Independence in World Context
    OAH-AP Collaboration: America on the World Stage
    State of the Field in U.S. History: The Progressive Era
    State of the Field in U.S. History: Teaching the 1917-1945 Period
    A College Professor Reflects on the AP U.S. History Reading
    Madam C. J. Walker and the Rise of the African American Entrepreneur
    A Forum for Student Historians: Interview with Will Fitzhugh
    Women Scientists of the Manhattan Project
    North Korea and the Legacies of the Cold War

    The Iraq War and the Lessons of History


    Donna Garner

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