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Welcome to the home of the CitizenWatchdogs.com! Our goal as Citizen Watchdogs is to forge relationships with our local elected officials in each of our local taxing entities. 

By establishing working relationships with our elected officials we believe all citizens will benefit, not only in lower taxes but in building a stronger community based on mutual respect between those who pay the bills and those who decide how to spend the money. Our goal is build a network of citizens committed to building relationships with our elected officials, attending the taxing entity meeting of YOUR CHOICE and then reporting your observations to you friends, family and the community through talk radio, letters to the editor, etc. We have been so fortunate to have a partner in this endeavor in the form of KWEL AM 1070/FM 107.1  Radio owned and operated by Craig and Doris Anderson. 

The Morning Show with Craig Anderson and The Watchdog Radio Show with “Captain Watchdog” Jason Moore, provides a great opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns rather than being confined to a few sentences in the newspaper or a few seconds of coverage on the local news. Let’s face it; the newspaper and TV both have a limited amount of coverage they can give on a regular basis to each of our 5 taxing entities. Through talk radio citizens have an extended amount of time to “hash out” all of the implications these decisions will have on fellow taxpayers!

We need you to join with other taxpayers by attending a taxing entity of YOUR choice and email a few thoughts about the meeting to one of several citizen watchdog leaders: captainwatchdog [at]gmail [dotcom]. Call Jason Moore at 432-563-1060 anytime. You can also call Craig Anderson or Jason Moore on the air LIVE! at 432-620-8700 Visit KWEL.com for times.  Check out our links on this website to find the information you need to keep an eye on our tax dollars. Please feel free to suggest any additions or enhancements for this website or for the Citizen Watchdog program.

We can always use researchers, organizers, etc. in addition to those who would like attend the meetings and to speak on behalf of the taxpayer.

Our vision is a true partnership between local elected officials and taxpayers which will promote economic freedom through less taxation, sound constitutional restraints and a mutual respect of those who pay the bills and those elected to spend the hard earned money of all taxpayers.
Develop a pool of candidates that have proven themselves to be proactive, informed on the limits of government and focused on taking as little money as possible from those who have worked hard to earn it. 

Thomas Paine said in 1777, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of liberty, must like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

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